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Jul 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
weakness is coming from the energy sector. if we exclude energy, revenues would be up above 3% overall. not great growth, but a little better than the 1% expectation we're seeing now. >> give me artful speculation john. >> if the numbers are so muted, so soggy, why is the stock market moving up as well as it is. >> well, it could be a case that the market is already discounting the second quarter and looking ahead to the second half of the 2013. expectations for growth are projected to improve quite a bit. in a third quarter, analysts are looking for growth to improve to 7%. in the third quarter it's expected to jump up to 13%. we talk about it quarter after quarter, you want to watch the guidance the companies are giving for q 3 and for the second half of the year, again, there are lofty expectations for earnings growth for the second half of the year. it will be interesting to see what companies are affording that growth, and which are ratcheting their numbers down. >>> still ahead on the program tonight, there are over 8,000 mutual funds and etf's out there, you may need to
Jul 14, 2013 3:00pm EDT
. chris horner is the senior fellow at the center for energy and environment at the competitive enterprise institute, and the author of the book, "red hot lies." >> fox's host, megyn kelly wondered aloud about whether the country even needed to tackle the problem. and cnn's wolf blitzer cut in soon after -- >> all right, so the president making a major, major address on climate change. i want to bring in jim acosta, and the president has got some important news he's about to release -- >> and then wolf continued to talk over the president's remarks. what do you make of that? >> the meta message is more interesting to journalism than the message itself. people -- >> meta message? >> the meta message is, here's grist for combat between different factions. how is it going to play out? rather than the message, which is, here's what's happening to our climate, here's what we have to do to prevent it. that stuff risks being boring. but combat is never boring. what they don't know how to do is to talk about, well, what are our options here, america? how do we mitigate the effects of cl
Jul 9, 2013 10:00pm EDT
enough. >> my parents spent a lot of time and energy in us and making us who we are. there are people that look like me, that live where i live, and who are now dealing with situations and struggles that i never have seen. i've never seen the inside of a jail. i can't tell you what a gun looks like. i don't know what drugs or even alcohol looks like. and i have to give all that credit to my dad along with my mom, and they put the fear of god in us. you know, you have to work hard, you have to look people in the eye. >> moyers: tell me about keith. >> he has gone far. he's beyond our expectations. but keith has told me a lot of times, "mom, i don't want to be like you and dad." >> moyers: meaning? >> bill, when it's time to eat, they want to eat. they don't want to do like dad and i and start, you know, saying... making excuses why you're not hungry. we're gonna keep filling the racks. go by color, not by size. >> i'm inspired by my parents, but that's also made me make a lot of tough decisions where i say, "i'm not going to make those decisions because i don't want that to affect my l
Jul 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
just the renewable energy, too. some people are saying we can't have these trains. we can't have these pipelines going right next to where people are living because as we see disaster has struck and people here are very concerned about that. >> sreenivasan: sophie tremblay producer at the canadian broadcasting company, thanks so much for joining us. >> woodruff: finally tonight, a tale of real people who traveled between america and ireland, their stories bound together in a new novel. jeffrey brown has our book conversation. >> brown: frederick douglass traveling through ireland in 1845 to stir up support for his abolitionist cause. the first non- stop flight across the atlantic in 1919, senator george mitchell in 1998 trying to forge a peace treaty in northern ireland. actual people and events at the heart of a fictional story in the new novel transatlantic. author column mccann has himself crossed that ocean, born in ireland, leaving in new york, his previous novel let the great world spin won the national book award. welcome. >> a pleasure to be here. brown: transatlantic. th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)